Alas, I am not Gunnar Petersen, he was a fabricated lie. In fact I am a spunky Wisconsonite named Dillon James Hassler. Yes i am not the slightly insane canine loving fool, i am instead the man who owns many a hat and guitar. I can play the guitar quite well, something I did not show while being Gunnar Petersen.

Instead of liking bands such as Muse and Rammstein(which i find utterly repulsive.) I enjoy the simpler bands, such as Modest Mouse and Coldplay. My girlfriend is not in fact the short penguin loving Arizonian, but the shorter Nicholas Copernicus from Cauliflowernia.

I mostly created this false personallity so I would have someone to make fun of for being unable to play guitar and yell at for never sending a Guy Fawkes mask to myself.