Todays Menu:
Honey Baked Chicken
Oven Fried Cod with a Lemon Dill Sauce
Ranch Oven Fried Potato Wedges
Sweet Potatoe Bake
Fiesta Corn
Dilled Green Beans
Rustic Turkey and Swiss Soup

and i'm exhausted already...
its been rough this week...i've gotten very little sleep and when i do sleep horrible nightmares...
i deffinatly miss sharing my bed with Andrew...

Gonna go home to day and clean the house a bit, shower, change, bring Hailee dinner and then i think Mindy is gonna come over and watch a movie and crash...we've both been down lately and as you know misery loves we sit and watch movies and have a beer, ok she has beer i have a glass of wine...and just chill
its kinda nice

Its board game night at Hailees on saturday and MIndy and i have already decided that we are gonna kick some serious ass at trivial persuit 90's...
and i have to find some time this week to get the motivation to run through some ballet with Carrots...we have both been really lax and all the turn out, extention, and other great stuff i gaind this summer is gonna go to pot if i dont get my butt in gear...not to mention i've only worked in my new pointe shoes once...tisk tisk

well i'm gonna go catch 15 on the bench in the lounge and then back to chefing even a word? well it is now!

Love you all


see i am a ballerina...that was costume day at the studio...i was going for a cross between a degas dancer and a moulin rouge dancer...;-)