from Travis McCrea <>
date Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 4:23 PM
subject Reporting Information Given Regarding Universal Healthcare

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Dear Sir or Ma'am
I am writing to you in regards to information both current and future, that will be posted on the Internet, and spread via spoken word and telephone. As a libertarian and as a currently unemployed young American, I cannot support the proposed Universal Healthcare plan and feel that the white house is currently working to cover its tracks and do damage control on an issue that is now clearly against the interests of the American people.

I cannot, in good faith, stand by and watch a Government (Democratic, Republican, nor any other party) destroy the core fundamental values that were given to US citizens as a birth right. Which is why I will fight, and fight hard to end the corruption, stop wasteful spending, and reduce the Federal Government down to supporting interstate infrastructure, national defense, education, and basic welfare programs that have limited time spans.

The information I will provide will all be found at my website at .

My name is Travis ********** McCrea
I live at ********************************************
I was born 2/15/1990 in Clovis Calfornia

If there is anything else that you need to add me to any list or records you may or may not be keeping please let me know.

Travis McCrea