Well, if one word could describe it, that would would be TERRIBLE

Serioulsy, i thought the movie was bad enough (book was great though). This game fails at following a movie that failed at following the book. It is a waste of money (glad i didnt pay for it)

Why play it? Easiest 1000 GS ever! u beat a 5 min level on Hard (which isnt hard) and u get 30G PER LEVEL! 20G per level on Normal. only other achievement is find all the hidden eggs, one per level, that u can almost always find on your own. All you have to do is go the one one place on each level that looks like your not suppose to go to and there it is.

So, if you are trying to get your Gamer Score up high and u want easy achievements, play it. RENT!!!!! do not buy it or you have wasted money.