Well I am in the new house in Oak Harbor WA. With a few pieces of furniture we recently bought. The rest will be coming in about 2 weeks. Along with my MG. Speaking of which you would not believe the amount of MG's on this island. I live about a 2 minute drive to the beach, about a 15 minute walk. Going to public high school next year. Living that close to the beach and being so close to good dinner places and a theater is good for dates. I used to say that HS relationships were useless, but now how local things are...It is a ferry ride to a mall. Taking a date to the mall on a ferry and getting there in a 2 seat 1950's sports car (granted I still have to fix it, but by the amount of MG's on this island, it should be easy) is, in my opinion a good option. So many possibilities. I am truly happy here, never thought this would happen. I left my real home in NH, it will always be my real home, but this is just truly amazing. I still miss New Hampshire. The quite sound of snow falling, walk out off the porch and step on the snow with a satisfying crunch is a sound I will never forget. There are somethings in this world that a man needs to believe in, and the possibility of that happening is something I really need to believe in, this place is truly a gift. Other wise I would never really know what will happen in my life. I do not know when I will be signing on next. Sorry, I have not really be participating on the site, but so many things have been happening.