on a bus heading to a military base just out of sydney i stare out the window wondering what lay ahead as i see all the trees and signs fly past tyhe window. if your wondering who i am well im known by many names but my real one is nathan mcdougall im a 23 year old male with a bit chubby in form with spiky hair,not excactly the best looking guy in the world but you cant win everything.
next to me was my friend that i joined up with, phillip kidson a thin, athletic boy who was half indian half australian had some weird hair that looked like he was going a bit bald, one thing about phil was that he was a bit crazy............ ok maybe a tonne load of crazy was in him.
the base was isolated so not many buildings around just a couple of farms spread miles apart which made for good training areas for infantry, vehicle and a bit of helicopter training.
as we approached the base we saw signed telling people that they were heading into a miliatary base and saying that they will be shot on the spot. "oh goody shot on the spot" i thought to myself.
at the gate we saw men with aussalt rifles and a big 50 cal behind some sandbags.
"need anymore guns?" said phil in a sarcastic way. i chuckled before silence fell over the bus again.
going through the base we saw soldiers jogging doing push-ups and every so often a bunch of guys sitting and talking.
the bus stopped the door opened one guy sarted getting up and then in a roar i heard a voice that startled me.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET YOUR ASS BACK IN YOUR SEAT BEFORE I SUPER GLUE IT TO IT!" as i saw him sergeant michael chuckmin,a well built man with an eyes that would scare chuck norris. he looked around and started pacing from the front to the back of the bus. then he stopped at two soldiers. the two soldiers start to look nervous we just all stared........................we kept staring then without warning the sergeant said "welcome to the base youll be living in for the next 6 months." in a cheerful way and a smile that shocked everyone. as he walked off the bus he said "oh by the way im not your sergeant!" and then he walked off. then a girl came on the bus stood in the middle and looked from one side of a bus to the other. she was a sexy looking girl thing but not skinny like a super model brown long hair greeny blue eyes. with a smile she said in a sweet voice that would make any man fall in love instantly "hello im sergeant stephanie whittles, ill be the one responsible for kicking your asses into shape for world war 3!" then we got off the bus and headed to registration to get assigned to our companies.....

ok thats the start of my story id like to know if its any good and whether its good or bad im going to keep going because i need something to put my time into.