Well it's been a while since I posted something. Here's a few news tidbits:

-As of 3 days ago, I'm single again.
-I moved out of my mom's house and moved in with my dad. It's so much more peaceful over here. And less messy.
-I acquired a $200 '94 Buick Le Sabre...it looks like a pile, but runs great.
-I'm still going to school to be a vet tech...a lot of people were thinking that I was gonna drop out.
-My 19th birthday is on Monday.
-My favorite hard rock radio station, 99.9 The Carp, was taken off the air (with no warning) the first weekend of August and replaced with Christmas music all weekend...then the following Tuesday, a new format was announced called BOB FM, which plays...crap, essentially. I, and thousands of other people in my area, are PISSED.

Nothing TOO exciting...just thought I'd update so nobody thought I was dead.

Current Mood: Bored, dreading the test in my imaging (x-ray) class.
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