I picked up a flash card for my DS as well as a 8 gig mini SD. Needless to say I've been waist deep in DS gaming goodness.

Quick Rundown:

Pokemon Platinum - yes, I still play Pokemon, the one part of my childhood I'll never be able to outlive.

Metroid Prime Hunters - FUCK, i cannot play this game for more than 20 minutes without my hands going numb. fucking DSis are too god damn sharp. Still fun though.

The World Ends with You - I didn't think I was gonna like this game, especially the way the main character introduces himself. But I was pleasantly surprised. Fun Battle System, interesting characters with personality quirks and problems they work through, and an air of the unknown just keep me coming back. I haven't beat it yet so don't spoil it! smiley0.gif

Front Mission - I didn't know there was a Front Mission Remake on the DS. Good stuff.

Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin - Shit is grimdark. Love it.

Final Fantasy 4 - One of my favs, it good a nice retooling and plays great. You also don't need the stylus which is a nice change of pace since most DS games have to force themselves to make use of it sometimes.

On the PC deparment I'm still hung up on Fallout 3. mods mods mods mods it's just too fun with mods. I tried Mart's Mutant Mod, an amazing piece of work but my PC just can't take the strain. After some Tweakguide help, I can run the game at 40-60 FPS on high settings at 1280 - 800 Rez. With MMM, I drop down to 30-40 and that's before shit starts going down. As sad as it made me I had to take it off. However, a new mod that adds a bunch of modern weapons to the game came out recently, it has the best rendition of a Spas-12 I've seen yet, as well as adding the Steyr AUG and Colt M4 SOPMOD (think Call of Duty 4, yep, just like that one). Another good one is FPS grenades, which binds a grenade type of your choosing to a key of your choosing, and allows you to equip equip your grenade, throw it, and re-equip the weapon you were using with 1 key press. Finally, one of my new favorite mods is Fallout 3 Reanimated, which improves a lot of the player animations and makes it so that your character doesn't look like an idiot who doesn't know how to hold a gun.

To close, this game recently caught my eye. Look like a fun trip in more ways than one: www.gametrailers.com/video/exclusive-debut-dream-killer/54240