This is a huge rant… But it has been my life for the past few months. You have been warned.

I hate it. I am through. Fuck this place. Whenever I am done I am never doing business there again, and if I do, it's because I know how to rip them off. I broke down because of how shitty my coworkers there treat me. I thought it was bad at my Johnstown store, Hell, I'd rather work for that fag manager down there then deal with the bullshit that is going on up here. I thought everything up here was all good, it was in the past, why should it change now? Well apparently something did change and everyone in my home store are ultra women haters now or something. I have been treated like shit ever since coming back.

The first incidence was when a sales associate that I knew from high school told me that I don't deserve to work at game stop because I come and go as a please (I transfer between stores for school) and that Greg, our store manager, only keeps me on because I am a girl. I kindly asked Greg to not schedule me with Chris anymore, because I refuse to deal with that bull shit. Then Dave, the asst. store manager, has been going on super power trips on me. He's always getting on my case about shit. I worked an 8 hour shift, and during that time I did ALL of their marketing while him and Chris stood around talking. So, I went behind the counter and started to lean my elbows on it to stretch my ankles and knees because they were acting up and the pain was killing me. And even though Dave was leaning against the counter himself, he yelled at me to not lean against it. I told him that I was stretching because I was hurting and to piss off (not in those exact words, but I was thinking about it). Right after, since I finished all of my work, there were no customers, and Dave and Chris were still talking, I stood behind the counter and started to swing my keys and was immediately told to stop. I put my keys down to go to the back and I come back out and Chris was standing there, with my keys in hand, swinging them. Dave is such a fucking hypocrite. After getting on my case and being all macho in front of Chris, Chris left, and automatically I was Dave's best friend in the whole entire world and he even hinted to me that he wanted me to drive him home (he takes the bus to and from work).

Then yesterday he was doing category counts on some games. So, I come in, everything was done for the day. The store was dead, so I started to get together the outbound shipping to other stores (RSBs from here on out). He says to me "What are you doing?" "I'm going to start on RSBs, there is nothing else to do right now." "No, I want to finish these cat counts that I am on." "Ok... well you can do that if you want (you can only do them one section at a time on one computer, otherwise I would have started the next section, but he was already in the middle of scanning used 360 games) in the mean time I am going to do RSBs." "Fine, whatever then." He would have rather that I stood around doing nothing then ship out the 200 games that needed to go to other stores and got so PISSED OF AT ME that I was being productive. So, I finished shipping, did 2 (out of the 3 left) category counts, and by that time it was time to close the store.

So today rolls around, I got into the store at 9:30 to open. I had some computer problems and couldn't clock in until 9:55. So I open the store. Finish all the price changes (all 100 of them), do the morning counts, clean up my papers and the desk, process all of the shipping, and by this time it was 12:45 (my shift ended at 1). And I saw that the 360 needed reworked from last week because some fuck off didn't do it. So, I'm doing that while Dave walks in. I told him all that was left to do was used ps2 counts. He didn't have to do anything for the rest of the day except for this. I made sure that he didn't have to do anything because I know it would take 1-2 hours to get everything done. He got angry with me, even though I couldn't help that I wasn't able to get the used counts done (even though it's only Tuesday and it usually takes them until Thursday to finish RSB's and Cat counts, so I put them ahead of schedule by 2 days). So, I tell him about this morning and I say that I need my clock in time changed to 9:30. And then he goes off on me saying, "You where here at 9:30?" "Yes... Why?" "Your shift started at 9" "What difference does it make?" "Your shift goes from 9-1, so you better be here from 9-1. You got that? You will be here at 9 tomorrow" "Greg always gets to work late. He gets here at 9:45 all the time." "Well, that's Greg. You will be here at 9." I have a few problems with this statement and I'll explain why.

Problem 1) If our store manager doesn't even get there when he is scheduled, why the Hell would he care if I got there at 9:30 instead of 9. And if Greg isn't hold a standard of when we clock in, then Dave can't get on anyone’s ass about being there on "time."

Problem 2) Greg doesn't care that I am there at 9:30, he has said so himself. Greg also leaves early everyday (and I am talking he will leave at 1 when he is scheduled till 5:30) and call off from work once a month.

Problem 3) Last night Dave told Dave S (aka cool Dave from now on. He's an associate and the only person that is left that I like) to leave 30 mins early and for me to close at 9:15 last night instead of 9:30 to cut back on hours. So why is he getting all high and mighty today when he was telling us to leave early last night.

Problem 4) I have been coming in at 9:30 from work instead of 9 for the past 4 years. He has never said anything in the past about it. Nor should he because that's not his damned job. I can open the store by 10, have everything that I need done by 10 to let customers in, and it only takes my a half an hour to do so. So, why sit around and do fuck nothing for 30 mins and waste "precious company hours" that we are always short on.

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