"Blue guys back!" - Loved the lastest episode =)

Well going back to school in 3..2 days, and not looking forward to it.Im going to be spending the next few months answering the same question every single bloody day. "<insert real name here>? I thought you were a senior?"
I havent decided if I am going to explain the situation politely, or fall back to my usual answer to questions. Quietly stare at them until they go away. I like option 2 because this always has the effect of them never talking to me again, this making my life wonderful.

I only have to stay for a semester though, so ive decided to drop-out of ROTC for one big reason. The colonel teaches stuff pretty much the same every-year, however the majority of the time spent in class for the first semester is teaching the let 1's drill........ Seeing as I would become a let-4, this would mean there is 100% guarantee that I would be a squad leader. Needless to say it would end up with someone dead, either one of them after I beat them to death with one of my uniform shoes, or me after commiting suicide.

Saw the trailer for Avatar (not airbender) and it looked shiny.

Have caught up without everyones alerts finally, sorry if I didnt leave many comments. Many of yall had 20+ journals and RvB loads very slowly. I did read all the journals I missed though.

Random Thought :
Have seen the news about a few protestors at the health-care meetings carrying guns and others accusing obama of trying to make america a nazi country. Im.....im just done. Im done with news channel 'experts' who admit to NOT READING THE DOCUMENT THAT THEY ARE DENOUNCING, and 'average american citizens' (as the fox news calls them) opinions. If your so stupid, as to go to a meeting on health care reform and call someone a nazi while crying, instead of explaining what you dont agree with, you dont deserve to be speaking at all. If your so stupid as to bring a LOADED AR-15 TO A PROTEST RALLY, you dont deserve to call that pile of matter in your skull a brain. Im so sick of freaking idiots, is thinking so hard? Really?

God bless and that is all.