Usually before I buy anything over $100 I spend a few months doing some major research. But, I have till tomorrow to decide between 3 cars that I would want to get and spend the next 6 to 10 years with.

The three that I have narrowed it down to are the 2009 Dodge Avenger, 2009 Saturn Aura, and the 2009 Ford Fusion. My dad has an Avenger and I have fallen in love wit it, the Fusion is supposed to be super safe and I love the Ford we have parked outside (even though it's super old and almost dead), and the Aura is supposed to be very reliable (my mom has had a Saturn Vue for a few years and I am pleased with how it handles and how little work she has had to get on it). I'm not very good with cars so I need some second opinions. All I am looking for is something with good MPG (all of the above have around 33 mpg on the highway), something that will last for awhile, something that handels well in A LOT of snow (I am a Pittsburgh girl after all), and something that is durable.

Some features that I would want but don't need to have are: an embedded dashboard GPS system, a hook up for an iPod, a roomy trunk and back seat (my friends are extremely tall and I'm usually the driver), and... well, not much else because I'm not going to be too picky.

The reason why I have till tomorrow is because my dad took me out to look at cars yesterday, and the 4,500 for old gas guzzlers is going to end tomorrow and he wants to trade in our 12 year old Ford Expedition for me. I would have prepared more to make a decision, but I only knew that I might be getting a car this morning, when I thought I would be getting one next month when I start my new job (not that I am complaining).