World of Warcraft: Cataclysm:

-World of Warcraft: We're All Fucked Now (courtesy of
-World of Warcraft: HOLY SHIT, MY HOUSE IS GONE! (What I imagine some random villager's response is to the cataclysm)
-World of Warcraft: Furry Edition (Cause of the Worgens, even though I think getting to make a werewolf is awesome, you know there HAVE to be furries)
-World of Warcraft: 1337 Dr4gunz
-World of Warcraft: KABOOM!
-World of Warcraft: Only Five Levels?! (What I imagine the hardcore grinders response was)
-World of Warcraft: More Love for Miners (You know, since Archeology is included)
-World of Warcraft: Hunters FTW (Because they're swapping our use of mana with focus and according to the data given, we're going to be capable of doing more damage now)
-World of Warcraft: Stop Your Bitchin (Because of various changes being made to solve complaints)
-World of Warcraft: We're Really Just Building up for the Emerald Dream Expansion (Since Malfurion Stormrage is back, I imagine he's be used to set things up. Won't shock me if Expansion Set IV covers the ED)
-World of Warcraft: The Maelstrom Expansion (Because fuck the Cataclysm, we're got SOMEWHAT of a new land to explore)

That's all I got people.