If you haven't heard, or live under a rock, the PS3 has lowered its price to $299.99 as of a few days ago; if this wasn't good enough for you Sony is also releasing the 'slim PS3' on September 1, which is just a week away, for the same price with a 120G hard drive.

I feel bad for the people who bought the PS3 back in '06.

Anyway, here's what's been going on for me:

I was elected to be the Senior Patrol Leader for my Boy Scout troop.
I think I have a job confirmed for me
I have a L4D tournament this Thursday
Finally, I reminded Sir_Nick that he owes me a butterfly knife from a bet we made last year and I hope I'll get that sometime soon

That's pretty much it......................also Team Fortress 2,

P.S.- If you read the title of this journal in Prof. Hubert Farnsworth's voice you have to post something.