3 weeks to go on this ship. 5 cruises, 4 boat drills, 10 spin, hopefully 8 rhythms.
I'll going to be sad to go on vacation. This is probally the best cast that i have been with not as far as like dancing but coming out and being friends with. I am friends with most of the cast. I actually hang out with them, not like i did with the last casts.
I am going home, to Green Bay. The day after i get back my 2 good friends and i are going to a resort, for 5 fun filled days of hopefully do absolutly nothing. Well not nothing but have a nice relaxing stay, playing laser tag and jumping into pools. Really looking forward to that.
The day after that i am going to a Wisconsin Badger football game with one of my friends from college, it's going to be a wild 2 days,drinking with the sister and him!! Really looking forward to this!!!
Then on Sept 30 Bachelor Party!!!! Brewer the guy i'm going to the football game with Tim, one of mine and the grooms old roommates, me and possibly his fiance's brother are going out. To a Brewery then OC as usual, then the strip club!! should be a rocking time.
Then the wedding on October 2nd. Apparently we are going to OC that morning?? I have no idea, not my idea. But i am ok with it. Then the wedding, still don't know when it is, but i know its going to be a good time. Really really looking forward to it!!
I'll go into more later and post abut all the events!!
After the wedding, My b-day, Utah with the rents, Sin City with the Rents then Florida.
I'm Out