whether you are new or old to my journal, i haven't written in a long time. well i found some inspiration all of a sudden adn i thought i would share it with everyone. so here it goes....

In the beginingg, my heart knew
that i might just fall in love with you.
day by day, bit by bit
my heart was opening up, letting you in,
and telling you things very few people would know.
i didn't want to admit it at first, but i was falling maddly in love with you.

I might be a tad crazy, or just a little bit insane,
but i kno if you were gone, my heart would be in terrible pain.
I can't stop myself from think of you;
you're always on my mind.
Just believe me when i say this:
I'm maddly in love with you.

I want to feel your skin touch mine,
to feel those kisses that send chills down my spine.
with each kiss and caress my heart wants to explode
and thinking about what's we may do and what we may be
only time will tell.
and if you haven't figured it out,
I may always be maddly in love you.