The greatest thing has happened!

According to my meetings with my councilor last year, I needed another full year of school along with a minimum of 5 full online courses. Basically they take a text-book and convert it into online lessons, on average a single lesson takes me about 3 hours, and a single course can have anywhere from 80 to 120+ lessons. I also have been unable to find a job anywhere so far, and with regular school added to that, ive been a bit on edge for the last 2 years.

But not anymore! Im bloody weightless! I spent both ag's classes today back to back carrying 40lb buckets of sawdust for 3 hours and I still didnt get tired, I seriously think im invincible right now, and Why you ask?

Because I found out last night that in december I will be completely done with high school and graduate. Yeah, aparently my councilor messed up his math and I only need to finish a semester and the 2 online courses im currently half-way done with. Also I know of 5 places that are hiring that were not recently. I havent met a single rude person at school so far, which in my opinion is a fething miracle. The voice that constantly whispered ways to kill anyone I met hasnt been anywhere up there that I have heard for a few weeks now. Family friend is teaching me how to cook (great catfish last night). Finally, I talked to a AF recruiter two days ago and took some ASVAB pre-test thing which I apparently did great on (61-62) although the first section gave me word problems without telling me what I was supposed to do. (im guessing it was made that way on purpose)

God bless and THAT IS ALL!