garfnick13 (10:36:47 PM): I was just singing a song from Meatballs and screwed it up. It goes, "-the kids are brats, the food is hideous!" and I got it, "-the food is bad, the kids are hideous!"
garfnick13 (10:36:52 PM): I like my version better.
hybrid4994 (10:37:01 PM): bad story
garfnick13 (10:37:09 PM): Better than yours.
hybrid4994 (10:40:22 PM): i got bit by a dog, was pouring blood out onto the sidewalk but i felt fine, but some girl ran up and said "i'm a certified nurse, i need you to lie down," i was in the grass with my arm wrapped in a towel and she was applying pressure, it was hot as hell and the nurse said i was looking really pale and asked amanda to call 911. an ambulence nd firetruck came and there were like 10 EMTs all around me. the female owner of the dog was crying hysterically and the cops showed up and were asking questions. the EMTs suggested that they take me to the ER via ambulence so I got in the back and almost passed out when i stood up.
hybrid4994 (10:40:52 PM): the animal police showed up too before the ambulence took off, and on the ambulence my blood pressure dropped below 90 over something so they put an IV in me and pumped me with some saline. also they hooked up EKG sensors or some shit all over my torso with wires clipped to em. then we got to the hospital and they wheeled me in on a stretcher. i got x-rays, my wounds flushed, dressed and my arm put in a splint. the doctor said i couldn't work for a week
hybrid4994 (10:41:50 PM): but then i went to the clinic two days later and they said i was fine so i went to work. my arms look pretty gnarly but they feel alright
hybrid4994 (10:43:02 PM): arm* looks& it* feels*
hybrid4994 (10:43:05 PM): **
garfnick13 (10:43:13 PM): yeah, mine was better.
hybrid4994 (10:43:20 PM): mine was more expensive

That's my lazy way of telling the overly-dramatic story. Here's some overly-dramatic pics. Most are poor quality but the last two are pretty sharp and gross.

It all started one normal morning with me and my friend.

Then I went to the E.R.

That's vaguely what my arm looked like when they took the dressing off.

Another angle. I'm giving the thumbs up with tons of medical equipment on my other arm but you can't see it.

They wrapped my arm in like 6 different things and it ended up as a splint. This was overly dramatic.

Within like three days I'd taken everything off and it looked like this.

And this.

All because of this.

(He didn't bite me, some pitbull trying to fight him did. I was rescuing my friend in a daringly noble feat.)