The ColorWare Process
Step 1
When your order information enters our production facility, we start with a brand new product, either pulled from stock or received from a certified dealer.

*Alternate Step 1 (for Send in Mine products only) Your product is received in our shipping department, and tested to be sure it is functional. After testing, your credit card is charged, and the process continues the same as below.

Step 2
Your product is sent to the disassembly department, where the external case is removed from the product and prepared for the coloring process. Only the external case of your product continues through the coloring process. Internal components are stored in a static guarded storage area while the case is colored.
Step 3
Your selected color scheme is added to your product in a multi-step, multi-day color application process, and finished with our X2 scratch-resistant coating, which is cured with ultra violet light to achieve superior scratch resistance and clarity.
Step 4
Your product is sent to the assembly team for re-assembly and final testing to make sure your product is in complete working order.
Step 5
Your customized product is boxed and sent to the shipping department. When your product leaves our facility, we also email the FedEx tracking number to the email address we have on file.

Now you can have that red, or white PS3 you always wanted.