The newest TWOT book will be coming out in 47 days. Beyond, best thing to happen to me in the last 4 years, there are no words to describe my enthuasiam. TWOT 'IS' and will always be the 'BEST' and my favorite of all series, including movies, novels, and comics. There is nothing more awesome than TWOT. =)

Something I have always thought about ever since my first RPG, finally decided to write it down. Anyone think im wrong about one, or forgot one, tell me.

Real world stats:
Realm of Mind:
Intelligence - Ability to learn and retain knowledge.
Knowledge - Anything learned.
Wisdom - Ability to apply knowledge to situations.
Willpower - Ability to 'force' yourself to do something unsavory. (courage being a major example)

Realm of Body:
Dexterity - Coordination and speed of hands and fingers. (typing, twirling objects, etc.)
Flexibility - Coordination and speed of body. ( running, acrobatics, etc.)
Strength - Ability to manipulate objects with muscles. (pulling, pushing, lifting, etc.)
Endurance - Ability to sustain physical motions for long periods of time.

Endurance x Willpower = Pushing yourself past your bodys 'limit' would fall under Willpower.