I rushed home from work tonight to jump into some L4D with Heather and Rachel because its not everyday that you get to play videogames with some fabulous Kiwis. Unfortunately, my XBOX wouldn't connect to their game nor to their party, so I had to shut it off and try again. This time, we were able to connect, but once the game began, my box froze on me and I had to restart yet again. With the game still going, I was forced to spectate until I could jump in once there was a break.

Only, once there was a break, my XBOX froze again and I once again turned it off.

But then I turned it back on again and was struck with three flashing red lights, "the red ring of death."

This is the second time to happen in less than a year! I don't know if you recall, but I got the red ring back in January, and they were supposed to fix my problem. Unfortunately, they just reset it and delayed it happening again. Which it waited until today to do, when I had made plans to play L4D already.

Great timing Micro$oft. Way to go on your planning on that one! You definitely showed me!

The worst part of the entire ordeal is the fact that there's less than 10 days until ODST comes out. There's no way I'll get my box back in time and the worst worst part is, this is the only game I've ever pre-ordered. I never pre-order games because I just go in the day of and pick them up. Doesn't make sense to pre-order to me. But I did, and now I can't play it. Karma.

Oh well.

Michael out-