Hey everyone,

I've not posted in months, that much is obvious. So lets play catchup.

I'm still job hunting. Not much out there so its pretty slim picking. If you know anyone who's looking for a recent Master's in Architecture grad, let me know. ;)

I've been working around the house. The rock wall is now completely finished and back-filled and all the grass has come up so it no longer looks like we are living in a construction zone.

The veggie garden has been doing well and cranking out the produce, so usually we have lots of fresh stuff with dinner every day.

My parents just got a new car, a Mercedes-Benz ML320 Bluetec. Its their mid-size SUV with a 3 liter Diesel Engine. 210 hp and 398 ft-lbs of torque. Yesterday we got over 25 mpg average fuel economy in mixed driving. The thing just sips fuel. 3/4 of a tank left and it says we have 450 miles left to go. Comfy too.

Anyhoo, other than that, not much going on, how bout you? Shoot me a line.