and my fuckin' check engine light came on. Fucksticks. It's been off all friggin summer, and now it turns back on. Oh well, I needed to have a small portion of my exhaust done, so I'll have the guy read the code when I stop in.

In other news, we just got our KMS key for Windows 7 Pro, which I will be installing on my work laptop as soon as the boss gives me the go ahead. Likely that will be Monday. My feelings about 7 are somewhat positive, even though it's just Windows Vista SP2 that you have to pay for. No worries for me, however (thank you Microsoft Licensing Agreement, w00t).

The downside is that there are certain people that I work with at school who will want sEv3n only because its new and shiny. Despite the attraction, I know this will only cause me trouble in that these folks are running software apps that are old enough to smoke were they able to. Plus, as the only one in my dept crazy stupid willing to take the plunge, I will have to field their calls and I don't have the intestinal fortitude to deal with the folks. Note that I didn't say help, I said deal. As in they're a chore much akin to mowing the lawn or picking up the McDonalds bags the lazy fucks down the road keep tossing out in front of my house.


In other news, the wife is working this weekend which sucks because the past two or three weekends we really have had any time off. We're either working our asses off around the house or one of us is literally at work. Kind of a bummer, but it also means I may have an opportunity to take my 6.5 sweed out of the range.

Thats about it for now. I've got a bunch of software that I need to install/update on the PC so thats what I'll be up to this evening. Adios folks

ETA: watch this: National Debt Road Trip