Stumbled onto another instrument that is bliss to the ears. If anyone has heard ot the uilleann pipes you know what they are, if not, think bagpipes but more....'flutey', I guess.

Clicky's: - #1 (2:00 is...there are no words to describe it right. It almost feels like the one time I was in love.) - #2 ( Seems to be sad and happy at the same time, if thats even possible)

Latest Anime / Manga comments:
Anime_One Piece - What have they done to franky!?!?
Manga_One Piece - Either luffy is beyond crazy, or he really does have betting on the crazy.

Anime_Naruto - Were getting closer to...well I wont spoil anything. =(
Manga_Naruto - Gaara is going to wth stomp all over sasuke and his stupid eyes!

Anime_Bleach - Stupid filler arc, im not even bothering to watch em.
Manga_Bleach - His bankai is just weird, but awesome.

Ive been thinking over my life recently and for the past two years ive had four paths to choose from, which ive yet to be able to decide on.
*Short term Path 1 - Military out of high-school.
*Short term Path 2 - College out of high-school.
*Long term Path 1 - Become involved in polotics and try to make the world a better place.
*Long term Path 2 - Feth the rest of the world, try to enjoy my life, not care about the rest of the world.

Once I can drag myself away from for a few days (ha, like thats happening) im going to be learning how to draw (finally). Hopefully I will be able to get a job soon so I can get a comp-pen-thingy, but looking at getting a scanner first.

God bless and THAT IS ALL!!!