... from the dead.
I feel like I owe the world a journal. I'm soooo bad at posting now, I find it too easy just to go to facebook and post a status, I'm way too lazy. But I have been reading everyone else's journals, so I guess I'm not too horrible.
Let's see here... Last month has gone by so fast! The start of the month was good ole back to school hell in haircut land! We had 2600+ customers in a 28 day span. Yeah. Incase you guys can't do the math:
2600 cuts / 28 days = Avg of 92.8 a day so lets make that 93 We have a max of 6 girls working during the day, usually less though but that gives us each 15.5 haircuts each. per day. Usually more. I know personally, my record is 25 in an 8 hour day. And I've done that more than once. Ergo, Haircut Hell. I love my Job, but I would sometimes, really really rather give buzz cuts. Because trust me, by cut 18.. You don't give a damn. Just so's You know.

Other than that, I went to Vegas with my mum and aunt. Partied my ass off.... saw the boy strippers! Which are WAY more fun than girl strippers! Gambled, Lost at blackjack, but won a ton at roulette (which i've never done before) Went to some super fancy places for dinner ( and some not so fancy ones too.) Went to Cirque du Solei - KA, which was really strange and definately centered around the very awesome staging, Not so much the people. Went here and had a food-gasam. Sooo much meat. mmmmmm. Not to mention the gallons of booze I consumed in my 4 day vegas stint. Sheesh

Then I proceded to come home and be hungover for a couple days. I got home thursday night and worked a 5 day stretch until this evening... With my job I rarely get scheduled for 5 days in a row. It SUCKS. And I think I have some version of the flu. Everyone has it at work, and Ive been trying to avoid it, But It mighta got me playin the slots in vegas