Hey everyone...or no one. I hope that with post, my activity on this site increases. So what's going on in the world of me you ask? Let's take a look:


Recently I've been doing some work with a little group called Tactical Gaming, maybe you've heard of them?

If you haven't...

Anyway, I'm a member over there, where I lead a group of Halo players into battle to ultimately kick the asses of others. Recently I jumped on board of the worst game ever made to participate in our Community Playdate that was featured on Xbox.com and the Events tab of the 360 Dashboard. That game being CoD: World At War.

Other than TG, I've been experimenting with many things. I've been working with some other people to make a machinima that failed, wasn't my fault. I've done some flash over on Newgrounds. I've been doing some lead vocals for my band. Oh, and I'm writing a book. Yea, I've been everywhere these days.


The book I'm writing is currently untitled, but it's currently in the writing process. It is a Halo Novel, but don't expect it on the book shelves...ever. It might go up on FanFiction.net, but that would be it.

MLG Orlando

Yes, I've heard may things regarding there being an event at Orlando this year. It has been confirmed that there will be an event at Orlando, and I'm currently looking at my schedule to see if I can make it out there this year. I'll update more when the event draws near.


Well, that's it for me this week. I'm going to start a new project sometime this week, do some stuff on this site, and work more on the book. I'm off to listen to more music on Pandora.com, my favorite music website out there. Later.

PS: Answer the poll. smiley0.gif