Well things have been busy here at school. I've been trying to beat the hell out of Physics, again. And Calc 2 is brutal. I already failed my first test.... So I've got to get this class nailed down at this point. I'm also doing my FTP year in ROTC. FTP = Field Training Prep. Basically I wake up at 0400, show up at University of Maryland College Park at 0600, And do leadership lab until 0900. Which concists of marching, and getting fussed at, constantly. Though it's not as bad as it sounds. You've just got to into it expecting to get yelled at. And basically suck it up.My PT scores aren't what I want either, and if I want to keep my scholarship then I need to get above 80. My last was a 77.25.

Scholarship gives me 4500 a semester for tuition, 450 for books, and 300 a month stipend. I also have my mil ID now, so I can head over to the exchange at Andrews and get cheap stuff. Which is nice.

Well, my Cosmology class starts at 1320, so I need to go. www.wearenotyoursoldiers.org/ are on campus today so I have to watch how I act. My family has a long history of military so I'd hate to do something foolish out of frustration. Anyhow

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