How are you guys? Been a little busy here, started writing for Reality Sandwich, some small news alerts and things like that, new one is up today if you want to give a look RS. Working on an interview and feature for the website on a documentary that has been airing on the History Channel called I Know What I Saw. It's a pretty cool film, basically trying to get America to release their UFO documents since France and Britain has, it features testimony's from retired air force generals from several nations and other high level peoples. I'll be interview the director and getting a piece up there before Halloweens airing. Here's a direct link to my RS blog

They still haven't put up my article yet, but that should come out soon, at least they are letting me do this kind of stuff because of it.

Got some new things scanned, 6 of them, still have 19 left to be scanned, can't seem to shrink that reserve, which is a good thing considering that I have been worried about my time to draw and write.

Almost done with a draft of the first part of my trilogy, on Act III, taking my time with this part because there are a few things I need to flesh out and take time caring for.

I'll get those new drawings up soon. Once again they'll be up for you guys first before I get them up on my website, etc.

How has everyone been on here, I've been trying to keep up with alerts from most of you, mainly the same group of people that I have always continued to check on, and I will continue to do so.

Talk to you later!