I am trying to decide if I should ask a girl out to lunch or the homecoming dance. I have an idea how, but I do not know if I should. It would be my first date, she is really nice, funny, thinks I am from Virginia (long story), but I have only known her for maybe a few days. Need your help. I know that you guys may not be as helpful as my brothers, but it is worth a second opinion. So far I am getting straight A's. Doing really well besides the fact that I have nothing to do. Went to the schools Football game. It was interesting to watch other peoples lives pass your eyes, I was not paying attention at all to the game (we suck, but we got a 72 yard run, and a hell-ov-a catch, never seen anything like it). It is also interesting that the game, to most people, is a social event. All the students go there to talk to one another. I am a strait A student (Veyron here I come), but at what cost? I have a very small social life, only have 5 friends, 3 guys, 2 girls. On the other hand, It is a very good feeling to, finally, be a good academic student. These are merely observations, however they are very interesting to watch.

Mind you that atr the start of talking about the foot ball game, this was an e-mail I sent to my brother.