I've come up with a better idea.


Fuck nursing. You work your ass off passing the med's your dude wants only so he throw poop at you an hour later. And everyone you get is old as fuck and on the edge of life and needs to go ahead and kick that damn oxygen habit. No, they have to become addicted to all those lovely pain meds that cost three legs and a nickel...and also makes them think that ITS ALL SOOOOOOO PAINFUL WITHOUT MAI CODONES AND DILAUDIDS. Fucking Assholes. And don't even get me started on the other nurses....oh lawd no. Can't get anywhere unless you kiss ass or sleep with them. Make up shit to get you in trouble, and then talk about you behind your back...spreading rumors that your getting "close" with one of the new nurses and shit. I wipe asses and clean nasty vag's....there is no fucking way i'm going to think that anyone near that hospital is hot. Hell, its hard enough as it is coming home and forgetting nasty old lady's with crusty foley's (sorta NSFW link) and crawling into bed next to my wife. *shudders at imagery*

Whoa...that came out of the keyboard awful quickly. EMS is more fast paced, and you might actually do something that makes a damn difference. Its not perfect, but its what I wanted out of nursing. Except with walkie-talkies and sweet ass pockets.

I applied for college for a para-medicine degree, and EMT certification. What's you're guy's opinion? (besides "make up your damn mind you whiny little asshole")
-crunch out.