I know that I work in a call center and all, and I really want to move into a different position, but I get to talk to so many different people. And there are some many ranges of emotions that we get. I got a call from a man today and all he needed was to get his contacts back on his phone. Early in the call I learned that he had H1N1 and even though I could tell he was really sick, he was so awesome to talk to. During times where there could have been silences, he talked about his kids and his dogs. The whole process took 40 mins and I am so glad I got his call. At the end he was like "Thank you so much for all your effort and taking all this time to help me out." I was actually really bummed that he wasn't feeling well. But we get some really mean people. One of my first calls was this guy yelling at me for an hour about nothing.

And today one of the other girls got a call from a lady who yelled at her for an hour and a half, and if finally got to the point where it had to go to the supervisor that was there and she was on the phone with her for an hour. You could her this lady screaming on the other side of the phone from across the room.

So yeah, interesting people call in and hopefully I won't have to deal with too many angry people (I've been lucky so far). Though I am the queen of long calls. I've had the most called that have lasted over 15 mins. And on the bright side, I'm the only one that hasn't disconnected any lines (go me!). I'm on the phone full time starting next week, so if you call in hope that I answer. =)

That's my work update.