My dogs Missy and Neviah (a husky-german shepard mix and a pure-bred german shepard respectively) got into a really bad fight. Nev had missy pinned and was going for the neck. smiley2.gif


poor baby smiley2.gif

They've been together for 6 years and suddenly this happens? I was at work, so I can't tell what happend for sure, but it wasn't a fight over food or toys or water. They were playing and then they were fighting, according to my roomie.

Since Missy's been at the vet hospital, Nev's been here at home where I have 2 other dogs (a golden retreiver and a pit bull) and she's been normal and PERFECTLY fine with them. She doesn't seem different to us, either.

It cost me $1200 for Missy's vet care and between that and normal bills, I don't have a whole lot of extra money for the blood work and behaviorlist evaluations and work-ups that they want to do on Nev, which will run another $600+

Anyone ever encountered something similar? Is it a random incident or are they growing to suddenly hate each other? Based on the fact that Nev seems normal since I'm inclined to think it's just animals being animals. Anyone have any insight?