Spawning Life 2009

Freedom. The absolute facade. No one is ever free because we are all a part of a system of one, and at the same time at the whim and mercy of others.

Each pull and tug at the string causes vibrations that mold and manipulate your personal trajectory.

The One 2008

Words are often hollow, without true meaning. Nothing can truly describe the intense emotions of the human mind, the song of nature, and the will of the earth. Words cannot describe these feelings, for only feelings can. Transitory vibrations from one particle to the next.

What puts two people, two particles, on a collision course with each other? What is the force of tension that nags two particles to interact and meet throughout the distance of the cosmos? Tension is the cohesion of all matter. Two opposing forces pit against each other at opposite ends. And, as the threads become taunt, the threads twist and spin. It becomes a spindle in motion, first one way, and then coming to a stop before reversing. Back and forth, endlessly.

These two points of tension allow the energy to build, until it reaches a threshold, which once passed, the energy releases in a brilliant climax that sparks a new beginning, a Third.

Dual Maya 2009

Conflict, it's all that seems to propel life. But even greater is the essence of love. Love and conflict, two binaries that are the same at the core, for they both bind and pull, increasing in energy through give and take. Love is an amazing force because the coming together of two particles that search each other out from across the cosmos brings forth a great amount of forward kinetic energy, and when met, the climax is great, capable of creating or destroying anything. It is complete fusion, rather than fission, that allows two beings, or particles, to conform into a new third.

Is that the purpose of this life? An attempt at that fusion? Are we here simply because of a great search that has brought us through time and space to this arena? Or, is this just an illusionary landscape, a drama written to maximize productivity created by this timeless search of two particles coming together? Like the Gaia hypothesis of the Earth, does the omniverse have a consciousness and instincts of survival whereupon organisms just occupy larger organisms to keep the cycle propelled? If that is true, then it stems to reason that the omniverse is but an organism for a larger system of consciousness. But if we follow this great chain of being, where does it end? How can we even fathom such a scenario, and why as human beings do we find it necessary to ponder such things?

Cosmic Marriage 2009