Wow I did not think this much time has passed in my life and I'm sorry I did fall off the face of the RVB world for a bit. Life got increasingly hectic for me working for a Fortune 500 company. At this place you have to have your A game on ALL the time. If you don't they cut you loose. I work so hard every day that finding time to get on here was a challenge. I also have some wonderful news that I want to share (and no its not about a man ). The economy has been so bad for so many these days and its hard to hear any good news. With the real estate market hitting new lows I was able to do something I thought I would never be able to do ever again as a single parent.. I bought a home. That is the second reason my free time has been occupied. I have a honey do list of my own that is as long as I am tall. It has been quite a year for me. I started actively looking for homes in January making 5 bids for different places. Well one bid was accepted in April. Since then my life has been nothing but a roller coaster of work and accomplishment. I hope to get some pictures down loaded onto my computers and up loaded on here for you all to see. I have missed my RvB friends and I hope to catch up on your journals one at a time, but I can see it will take me a long time. Just be patient with me.

It was because of the new Stargate series that got me thinking of RvB again. It's not like the old series's but it's growing on me. I hope someone can send me a forum link so I can get your thoughts on it.

I hope God has blessed you in my absence and I hope to be chatting with you all soon.