with stupid people and being stupid

I don't want to date you or have you trying to control my life anymore so stop acting like we're together!!

don't call me and ask what I'm doing and when I tell you I'm doing something, I'm doing something so get over it.

when I just happen to live with 5 guys who are all like brothers to me and you go and ask me how living with sausage fest gang bang is going, don't expect me to laugh at it. that is highly rude and disrespectful and I have no right to be treated like that. that saying isn't funny at all. calling me a whore and then turning around and saying you care about me.

NEWSFLASH! You're not ever fucking close to being in my life anymore. I just want my shit and I want you to leave me the hell alone. you're hella rude and possessive which is why I broke up with you in the first place.

I'm sorry about my little rant but my ex boyfriend is being crazy and rude and feels the need to know everything that's going on in my life. Sure, I live with 5 guys but they're all just friends. That's it. I wouldn't sleep with my roommate, that would make a situation awkward afterward. Hahaha. I guess people can't understand that. I'm ready to just be myself and have fun with friends. No more boyfriends for a while. Just fun with the boys at home, playing beer pong, bar hopping, working, gogo dancing at the club.

I'm going to live the single life and LOVE it!

How is everybody??