Call your friends and bring a gun
The halo revolution's on
Capping flags and arming bombs
Yes, we don't blink until we're done

Bring...a...drink or three prepare for war
The night could last 4 hours or more
Saddle up and pick your team
Obliterate your enemies

The true elite
Melee and snipe
While the jerks; they hog the rocks
Continually blowing off ones socks
Is screamed at me
Followed by "noob" and other obscenities
I haven't done a thing to deserve these things

While blue team frags from up above
The chief sweeps in and takes the flag
Jacks a ghost and so it goes
Defeat is imminent for red the time we realize
That hours have passed. it's 3am
HALO 3 has pwned us all
Like every time and time again

In the end
We close our eyes
We put to sleep our one track minds
Destroyer of our productive lives.
In the end
We live to dream
The only MC in our lives
Lives in a tube screen by our bed side

Kill your friends
Kill your friends
Kill your friends