Time for some updates!

My time spent here in Iraq is causing me to come up with some creative ways of occupying my time (ie building a small roof for a storage area outside). It's also allowed me time to look at college. Like I posted before, I'm thinking about getting Phoenix University (yeah, it's online, but it'll still help me get a degree). As to what subject I choose, that's another story.

I've recently begun studying Japanese again. Most of this studying has been on my own. So far I'm just going to brush up on my basic vocab, sentence structure, reading, writing and speaking. Afterwards, I'm thinking about going all out and either getting a pen pal or going with rosetta stone (since I can get it for free). I dunno, I might do both. But I figured I might as well study a language I'm good at besides english.

Mentioning my guitar status is obviously not needed, but I might as well.

I'm vastly improving and hopefully within the next few months I'll pretty pretty good at it. I'm practicing every night for at least three hours, constantly practicing songs and getting some skills like palm muting, plucking, quick changes, etc. I'm getting pretty good at the blues and hopefully I'll get even better within the next few weeks.

I'm thinking of more tunes to make, but so far I haven't come up with much. Hopefully in the next few days I'll have an idea for one. Unfortunately, I don't have alot of material to work with, but I think I can come up with something. Who knows, I might be able to use cover songs as songs for Lyon.

Only David Bowie knows...

To Mason: My spoon is too big!

To Kenneth: Your spoon is too small, use a fork.

To Kris: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!