I got to see the legendary BOB DYLAN on Tuesday, with opening act, Dion!

Truly mind expanding, very glad I got to go, my friend purchased tickets, was an amazing time, got into some great hypnotic trances, he's such a terrific sonic story teller, the band he played with was top notch as well!

You can always rub in some jelly

Also, just finished a draft of the rewrite for Part 1 of my film trilogy, hopefully all you Star Wars and Matrix fans will be happy with it. It's a Shamanic/Science Fiction Action/Adventure, I'm optimistic about the project. I sent it out to a few trusted readers, my brother the actor, and my friends Chris and Steve, my writing/film/and music partners. I definitely need some outside views on the project because I kind of like it, and that freaks me out. It is either really good, or really shitty. Hopefully it won't need too much work, I want to get started on the second part!

Have you guys heard about this?, and I know we way behind in neolithic times to you futuristic Western Canadians with your lax marijuana enforcement, Grail ;P