Hey Everybody. I'm back from driving MW2 down into the ground with achievement after achievement. As I am typing this, I need 6 more to get 1000. After MW2, I going to play L4D2 (Left 4 Dead 2) with a couple of buddies during Thanksgiving. During that I got to finish my Eagle Project and apply to college. If I have some time left after that, I might set goal of 40,000 before 2010. Well... other than that, things are good. Personally I can't wait for vacation. If I don't reply back before Thanksgiving, happy holidays people.

P.S. The Night Vision Googles with MW2 are cool.

P.S.S. I hate I can't have last fm, facebook, or twiter because of the child account on xbox live. I am can buy M rated games, but I can't download demos or videos M rated. Yet I can buy a xbox live arcade/downloadable games. I ticks me off. But I got an idea to fix it before I turn 18.