Went and saw the infamous MALL SANTA today... I dont know how his knees put up with it, I'm pretty sure we were the only dorks over 12 there. My bro and I have a tradition going here, So far we have an unbroken streak of 2 whole years! Lets here it for the future 25 year olds loungin with St. Nick!
Woot woot!

Yeah so Santa rocked, Kid you not and he is an Edward fan (we checked) and If I'm good, There will be a Mustang waitin under my tree ( I double checked). I do have an issue with his sucky elfs... thirty bucks and we get two pics, One is mediocre, One is completely crappy. I'm talking not centered, and tilted. We couldnt be more smoooooshed into frame if we tried. I guess landscape mode doesn't exist... Neither does backing the camera up 6 whole inches... Stupid elves. Currently I'm elbows deep in photoshop cropping out gay snowflakes and orange borders... See:
1zl3vqg.jpg bf11jr.jpg

I think the second one is way more "Grandmas house 5x7 worthy"