Maybe. The 20 minutes of stuffing my face with all sorts of delicious food may just be worth the hours and hours of suffering before hand.

Maybe. But after cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the whole apartment (We have a big, HAIRY dog), Peeling a whole bag of potatoes then mashing them, and dealing with screaming fighting kids that aren't even blood related may just negate the joy of being tired after a good stuffing of turkey.

Either way, I'm glad my apartment is mostly mine again and I didn't have to help with the dishes because of the other work I did... So now I get to be bored and lazy. Woohoo :3

Generally, Thanksgiving was okay. Dinner was good, and that makes me happy. Either way, I hope most of you had good Thanksgivings. I know for sure one of my buddies had a shitty day! :( Props to you dood for surviving it, you know who you are.