I was one of those crazy ass women at Walmart at 3 in the morning. lol!

I went with my sister to get good deals on stuff for her kids. She's had a rough year and has moved back in with our parents to get on their feet. They'll probably be there for a couple of years, so they can save up so they can buy a new home.

Anyway, Christmas on a budget = getting up insanely early to get the Doorbuster Specials... and boy did we!!

Walmart was so not crazy. I was really pleased... Sylo and I hit up the sales while we were in Texas last year - those Texans are f-in CRAZY! lol! And my sis and mom did it the year before too, and again it was CRAZY. This year though, either people are just not buying a lot - or just not caring about getting a better deal... We hit a walmart - I won't say which one - cuz we're keeping it as a secret, in case it was just not crazy at the walmart WE went to, lol! (and yes, I know there are not a lot of people from Arkansas on my watchlist lol, but that's how i roll).

Anyway, after walmart, my sis wanted to run into Target real quick to see how their specials looked, so i jumped into the driver's seat of her van. She didn't find anything that just "spoke to" her... yes, I did tell her that if toys/clothes speak to her, she should get some help lol!

After the Target-Fail, we hit up Toys R Us - again, not a lot of people, I was pleased, and we got everything except one or two gifts for Cathy's 2 year old. Toys R Us was kind of confusing though. Their online ad said that they opened at midnight - but you couldn't get the Door Buster prices until 7 a.m. (seven hours walking around a damn toy store?? I'd go crazy and broke at the same time!!) lol Anyways, their circular said that they opened at midnight, but you couldn't get the good prices until 5. Come to find out, they opened at midnight, but come to find out, you we were able to check out at 5 a.m. and get the door buster prices.. lol! it was weird... i don't know.

After Toys R Us, we were done with the "Time Sensitive" places we wanted to go - well, yeah, by the way, we started at 330 in walmart, by the time we were done with Toys R Us, it wasn't even SEVEN!! We made DAMN good time!!

We hit up Burger King and grabbed some grub, and then hit the mall - we were waiting for Dillards to open - because my sweet hubby, who WORKS for Dillard's (lol!) said they opened at 8... come to find out they opened at 10... we didn't want to wait until 10 for Dillard's to open, so we hit up Champs - they are the ONLY place in Arkansas I have found Texas Longhorn apparel... which frustrated me... I WANTED to get Sylo a Longhorns sweatshirt, but they were $50, HOWEVER, they were 2 for 1! But I didnt' want to buy for me, I HATE buying for me around Christmas for fear of messing up someone's Christmas gifts for me lol! Anyway... so i opted to NOT get the longhorns sweatshirts.

After the mall, we hit up a different walmart looking for a couple more items, and at that point, we headed home. I got home around 10 a.m.

I got home, unpacked some of the goodies i bought. Then, the exhaustion hit - so i took a nap... I set my alarm for noon, so i could wake up, add rosemary to our spaghetti sauce and start the slowcooker. I can't wait! We haven't had spaghetti in almost a year!! eek!!

Anyway, so i've been playing around on Facebook, reading some Harry Potter (and the Goblet of Fire), washed dishes, made coffee... it's been a great day off...

Poor Sylo, he had to work - only another hour and a half! Hang in there Love!!

<3 Penny