have an ex boyfriend who still tries to tell me what to do.

He thinks he can tell me who he does and doesn't want me talking to.

Even though the guy is one of my business associates.

Then he threatens to not show up to the gigs I work on Wednesday night.

Well, I don't want him there anyway! So, I'm glad that person is my friend and not his :)

On another note, I have a new kitty that's really mine, and not my roommate's that I claim as my own.

His name is Blake :)

He's a sav.

He's black and white, with a little black dot on his cute little pink nose.

He's super cuddly and playful :)

He's only 4 months old.

He's my baaaaaby!!!!!

Another random note...

I love being a vegetarian, especially when my new friend that I always hang out with is also a veggie :)

Makes life easy for me when I cook :)

Hope everybody's having a great day!