I have at last aquired my copy of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" thanks to it being the one worthy book in the entire pitiful book fare. I imagined a high school level book fare would be composed of higher level books, novels that actually have meaning, or anything worthy of someone who is above 12 years of age, but of course the entire fucking room was composed of Hannah Montana and Twilight. Of course, when we actually have the opportunity to read amazing pieces of literature (Lord of the Flies, Farenheit 451, Frankenstein) the same kids that read these pitiful children's books bitch to high heaven because they honestly think Lord of the Flies is some fucking fun time story about kids on an island, and our teacher has to explain in depth what the symbolism means because these kids think it has no deeper meaning.

My friend came up with the greatest paradox ever the other day. He told me how the universe was created by saying in the future the hedron collider is to dangerous, so in the mean time a time machine is created and built. Some guy decides he is going into the past with the time machine, and takes the hedron collider. he ends up in a black void of non existence and activates the hedron collider, thus creating the universe we know. Of course it doesnt make sense, but still an awesome and hilarious idea. According to quantum physics though, this theory would not make sense. according to the dimensions, if someone did go back and use the hedron collider and it created a big bang they would make a completely altenate universe on a different timeline, and although it would be similar to ours it would be a different place of a different origin, so the infinite loop of this man creating the universe could happen once, create a new universe, and never happen again.

Me and some friends have started a game similar to the games where people get someones file and have to assassinate them with a squirt gun. We finished our test round where we only had 6 people involved and you have to take out your target with a nerf gun. You take out the confidential target in your folder with a nerf gun (I realize how gay that sounds) and then you aquire their folder with the next target.
I managed to take out my target, Alex, the biggest threat in the game (he was actually stalking his target and wrote "dead" on the side of his car), by having my friend sneak me into his house, where I cassually walked in (think Mark Wahlbergh at the end of the Departed) and capped him. Of course my victory was taken from me when I got cocky and sat down with my back to the door. I was so relieved that I had taken Alex out that I didnt realize my friend Nick had my file. He walked in and cut my throat with a nerf-shiv he made.