The last two days around my apartment have been crazy insane! It's hard for me to believe I cleaned this entire three bedroom apartment pretty much by myself.

So, it goes like this.

Last Saturday, the local police station issued a warrant for my mom's arrest. It turns out the reason is because she didn't go sign up for STS (Sentence To Serve), which is kinda like community service, for the traffic ticket she pleaded in court for. Well, this weekend she turned herself in to jail, so it was just me and my roommate / exboyfriend, Mitch.

The damn place was a disaster, and I sadly realized that we still didn't have up the Christmas tree or any decorations, and Christmas will be here in about five days! Knowing I had been supposed to clean my apartment last weekend, I set to work as a welcome-home surprise for my mom. I cleaned and dusted everything, mopped the floors, scrubbed the toilet... you name it, it got cleaned.

My mom called from in Jail, and I let her know that I'd cleaned the house, and I could tell she was trying really hard not to cry on the phone. She was grateful though. She came home at 6AM this morning, and went to church and all that. We finished up the last of the cleaning - including giving our dog, Sinatra, a bath - and I popped by Target (a department store) and got myself a new sheet set, mattress pad, and pillows, which I really needed (I haven't had new pillows since like... age ten, that's about 9 years ago!). At about 7:30 we went out to the garage and got out the Christmas stuff.

My mom and I spent some long over due time together putting up Christmas decorations, while I did the tree. My apartment feels and looks amazing. It's almost entirely transformed. When I got told last Friday that Christmas was only a week away, it blew my mind, and I think it had something to do with the feel of my home.

Either way. Now that I'm in the mind set, Merry Christmas Rooster Teeth, and a happy New Year! smiley12.gif