I have to work on Christmas Day this year and wont be around.

Merry Christmas everyone! Except Brakus... Happy Festivus to you....

I got a new PC for my present. The Mrs got a lappy.
I also went and got a PS3, 32" HD tv for the living room, a replacement Wii ( it died from lack of use I guess) and a replacement 360. ( My disc drive wouldnt open so I took it to Game Cray and it was still under warranty. Got new one out the door!)
Have to say this Holiday season felt really fast. I mean I work in retail management and say that.
On a side note of diffrent, I and a few others, helped a couple out of their car after it flipped on the highway this past Sat night on my way home from work. I helped the lady out and others got the guy free and out. Talk about an adrenaline surge! I guess that's all that is interesting for me. Have a great Holiday all!