...sucks. I don't know how many of you out there agree with me but I don't really care. I am a Grinch. I can't stand Christmas. The terrible music, the fake "joy, peace, love and cheer," the awful gifts, the epic religious ties! I don't like religion. I don't like religious holidays. Why the fuck would I like a holiday that is socially thrust on us without a choice and forces us to waste our hard earned money buying some other idiot doing the same thing some crap that they probably don't even want. Every fucking year it's the same thing. People act all excited about it and then get let down. I've seen most family feuding happen over the holidays. This is the worst part of the year. I guess I at least like the snow. So basically, fuck baby Jesus and his birthday and fuck your dollar store super saver gifts. Fuck Christmas.


Tell you what. You get me this for Christmas and maybe I'll consider throwing up some of the Joy and Cheer bullshit. Until then, leave me out of it. Make sure she comes with booze and drugs.
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