Christmas was fantastic, Managed to buy everything early this year, was the first in the family to have everything wrapped and ready. Not stressed at all! I got a pretty wicked watch, some scrapbooking stuff, Mariokart for the wii and awesome driving gloves. The usual things, sweaters hats mitts and socks, and gift cards were thrown in there aswell.

Boxing day was a hoot! I went to bestbuy at 630 am and scored a sweet camera, a 12 mp canon powershot, with 4x optical zoom, orginal price $200, discounted to $129. On top of that, I bought a canon all in one photo printer, and 2 8gb sd cards, bringing the bill back up to a smidge over $200.. And I bought an extra wii wheel for 9 bucks.
Then I was off to indulge in $6 dvds and use up some giftcards,
Over all i think i spent just under $300, Not bad at all I think.

Now I'm off to bed becasue i have to pick up JJ at the airport in seattle at 1030am!?!?! Wtf!
It means I gotta get up by 5:45. Bleh

Sweet dreams folks smiley12.gif