Just bought it today :)
Still in box. Guess I will set it up tomor.. so I will have something to do for New Years.Then after I get to put it away. And hopefully only take it out after my room is cleaned.. If you have seen my room its a mess.... I am a pack rat.. so I get to go throught 2 GIANT boxes of my childhood stuff and get rid of most to make room for half the stuff under my bed or in my closet so I can have room for all my new stuff... Fun.
And my prize once I finsh will be RockBand2...
Started playing L4D 2..love it :) So much fun.
Bought Assain Creed and Prince of Persia along with Call of Duty World of Wars.. So have alot of games to play..and little time to do it.
Hope it was a good one. I know it was for me.. alot of good changes :) and fun times.
best of luck to everyone in the new year.