Okay....time for a little update.

I understand I haven't posted for a bit, but that's because I found myself busy with a number of things.

And the first on our agenda is....my R&R leave time. I know I may be beating a dead horse, but I have confirmed (via paperwork) that I am supposed to be flying out on the 4th and will be landing somewhere in the depths of the US on the 6th (that's if all goes well). There's also the possibility of there being delayed flights, but my chi s feeling really good about this year...so let's hope everything turns out at least okay.

Second on the agenda...if there is one. I have a new campaigning group here in Iraq. It was alot easier finding these guys than it was trying to find musicians...and the musicians were not that diffcult to find. According to them, they want me to be their main-stay DM, which is cool by me. I'll just have to see how it goes on the first meeting.

Life here in the desert wonderland isn't too bad with the exception of the fact that the weather is starting to act up. Random rainfall when I don't want it, and heated temps at the worst times. I dunno....it's kind of annoying.

I also joined a talent show on the 31st of DEC. That's definitely cool. We played "No Woman No Cry" by bob marley. They may have posted it on Youtube already...but I haven't gone to check yet. Simply put, we got some good publicity.

de gozaru