Well scenes my last entry, i have graduated High school, with farely well grades. After the summer past with my 19th birthday not much changed, I finally got my drivers linces. and when you come for a fimaly that is nothing but car (old car) junkies is 3 years to late. At the same time i got my first car, a dark blue sea-bring convertible, that car is my baby i love her so much!

This was my first semester in College, and i did really well the lowest grade i got was a C, so i was really happy that i did so well. Any one could tell you that i was freeked out about getting my grades that i couldn't sleep very well for almost a week untill they came out. Well i'm getting ready for my second semester and i hope it gose as well a the first.

On other news this Christmas didn't go just like i thought it would but i got a new computer (lap top) i was so happy because my old one had half a mother board and didn't work half the time, and it was no longer a lap top it had to be plugged in all the time and when it was unplugged it would stay on for like 5 seconds and then turned it's self off. I love this new lap top It's pink it has windows 7 on it and i can't tell you how nice windows 7 is over vista! But getting this comp hucked in to the network was hell. because our routed crashed and we had no internet for 3 days and my poor dad spend the better part of those 3 days working on our net work. But now we have it up and running and i love my new laptop. well that was my Christmas. And the reason the rest of my Christmas didn't go the way i wanted to is i was going to go visit my boyfriend, but it didn't end up working out for us to see each other. But other then that my vaykay has been pretty good